Plant Some Roses in that Space In Between!

Point A to Point BMost often, HERE we are (A), and THERE is the goal we are trying to accomplish (B).

I.E. those of us trying to find a partner, trying to make a baby, trying to lose weight, trying to secure financial freedom, trying to be a better person, trying to meditate, trying to graduate, trying to quit a bad habit, trying to be a good Christian, trying to find a new job….Between here and there, is what I like to call, the space in between.

Sometimes that space in between is torturous! Waiting for a second call, waiting weeks to find out if there will be a blue line on the stick, waiting for grades to be posted or trying to abstain from that next cigarette, that next drink or donut….

But the space in between is reality.  It’s the work we have to put in, it’s the patience we need to cultivate, it’s the hope we need to focus on, and the perseverance we need to practice. It is all of the things we need, to accomplish what we set out for.

I’ve found throughout my life that I’ve filled that space in between with much darker things than hope, patience, faith and perseverance.  I’ve instead found my space in between cluttered with resentment, frustration, hopelessness and sadness.

Looking back I notice that once I’ve identified my “there” point, I’ve often taken off with an immediate sense of urgency and undeniable sense of entitlement, like I HAVE to accomplish it, I DESERVE it, I’ve got to make it happen NOW –  In whizzing through that space in between, I never valued what that space actually was and what it’s supposed to be.  But now, I am starting to realize that the space in between is space to grow, develop, hone, fail, learn and relearn – that space in between is where I develop life and how I find out who I truly am.  I can’t only know myself in my victories, I need to know myself at my worst, when I’m forsaken, struggling, waiting and trying. That space in between is important, and sometimes more valuable than the victories themselves.

So while I set out to accomplish the things I hope to, I’m reminding myself right now; to stop and smell the flowers in this space in between.  To not let this space go wasted anymore.  It’s time to start building myself in these spaces, not tearing myself down. <3

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