Eric Garner Turned the Sky Blue

Eric Garner Police Brutality 14-12-04

The injustices in this world just make my heart hurt and my stomach ache….almost to a point where it’s too much to handle; it’s overwhelmingly sad and too much bigger than I.

And the more that I stew on it and simmer in this confusion, I notice how it took such a huge injustice for me to wake up and look around again; for me to recognize the humanity that we all share.  Finally, for me to snap out of my micro safe, pollution free bubble and really see what’s going on. What’s been going on?  My own  fallacy …I can’t believe how desensitized I’ve become to human suffering and pain, and not seeing or helping those in need. How did that happen?  Developing a fear to homeless people? Having an aversion to kids on bikes in alleys?  Holding my purse tighter in the mall or locking my doors immediately after getting into my car?  When did it become easier to cast hasty judgments, like those officers did on Eric Garner, then dig, ask, empathize and learn first?….How did I create such a huge disconnect from myself to literally the world around me; and still call myself Christian?  How did I replace empathy with fear?  Love with a blind eye?

When did it become easier to stay quiet than rock the boat? How did I stop taking a stand?  When did it become easier to be lost in the crowd than up at the front rallying for the Truth?  When did I choose to appease everyone else by denying myself?   But his voice, his words “I can’t breathe” haunt me.  Those pleas for help that no one fulfilled. No one heeded them then, but they won’t stop echoing now (even after his vocal cords and body are long gone)… I feel overwhelmingly sad and even my own blindness seems much bigger than I….funny though, this sky has always been blue.

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  1. Well said and written Betty!!

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