Let that Foundation Settle!

It is in our human nature to see things only through a lens which supports the ideas that promote security and decrease anxiety. Nothing does either of those better than not having to make any changes.  (Krista Rompolski)

We’ve now settled into our new home, and it’s wonderful!!  Gotta love the excitement and invigoration of moving into a brand new home with beautiful new fixtures and finishes.Gosh, the newness is energizing, and the stability of it is relieving; we are finally home!! Despite my desire to complete our unfinished basement, we were cautioned by the builders to wait at least a full year before doing so. 

WHAT?? But I can’t wait for it all to be completed! I can’t wait to entertain and hang out in our newly finished basement! I’ve got such big plans for that space!  But no, they said it was important to allow the house enough time to settle before we try and make any changes to it.  Sure we could probably throw caution to the wind and make some changes now, but I’m sure in doing so, we would probably create more damage and work for us down the road.  True enough, waiting and allowing time to run it’s course now, ensures us the best use of our energy, time and money in the future.

Is dieting or working on ourselves any different? Don’t we often try and skip through the waiting and settling periods and instead jump headfirst into the working and finishing stuff? But is it the right time?  Has everything settled enough to start picking colours and hiring the right contractors?

Before fixing, rebuilding or refinishing yourself – ask yourself, do you feel settled enough to make changes?  Will you be able to withstand the work so that the changes can be lasting? Is your foundation strong enough to build upon? If you’ve just gone through a transitionary period, are you at it’s end?  Or do you need more time to work your way through it before you try and effect any change?  Maybe there are foundation cracks that need to be addressed before you put new flooring down, maybe water leaks that need to sealed before you drywall….wouldn’t it be better to start from a good starting place, instead of re-doing the work over and over again?

And no, this isn’t an excuse to delay action, it’s a reason to consider the importance of settled foundations upon which to build upon.  It’s about knowing yourself and listening to yourself.  Sometimes it’s better to wait and let things settle before jumping into new projects, new bodies, new relationships, new jobs, new selves…and fortunately for us, new homes! <3

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