A Permanent Vacation…..

Creating a Vacation for Life

I never realized until recently, how much time I spend doing exhausting things.  You know what opened my eyes?  Being home-less.  It has officially been 21 days since my husband and I have been in between homes.  We had purchased a home in April that was supposed to be ready in June, but when we sold and moved out of our condo in July our new build wasn’t ready yet. Fortunately we had generous friends open their homes to us in the meantime.

This in and of itself has been a little mini vacation for us.  Not that I am likening this time to relaxing on a beautiful beach, but I am feeling better off now than I was three weeks ago.  I never realized then, how engrained I had become in some senseless habits that, simply put, were life draining.

1.        Not sleeping enough

Being in these different environments has totally broken my routine of watching tv late at night or being out too late. How nice to have restful sleeps!

2.       Spending too much time on my computer first thing in the morning

I don’t have my laptop with me, so I haven’t been spending my mornings journaling, scrolling through facebook, checking my emails and reading through blogs. It’s freeing actually to not spend so much time first thing in the morning plugging in.

3.       Weighing myself daily

Why didn’t I get rid of my weight scale sooner?

4.       Constantly adopting new diets and reading diet blogs

Before, I was constantly buying new books on kindle about diets and programs, and for the past few weeks, being out of routine, I haven’t been able to even pull out my little tablet, but it’s been refreshing not preoccupying my mind with that sort of stuff

5.       Counting calories

Being in vacation mode for me means paying less attention to how I should be eating and just enjoying the foods I’m eating, in moderation of course.

6.       Watching too much tv

Now don’t get me wrong, I have definitely watched some tv in the past few weeks, but probably just a quarter of how much I usually would have.

7.       Wasting Groceries

We haven’t really been grocery shopping too much as our schedules and meals have been so unpredictable, but there too is a small freedom in not burdening our fridge with unused groceries and binding ourselves to meal schedules.

8.       Accumulating too much stuff

We don’t have anywhere to put stuff right now, so we haven’t really been buying anything.  It’s nice not buying more, making room for more or having more.

9.       Spending too much time getting ready

Limited access to make up, hairstyling tools and hair products means limited time spent getting ready.

10.       Running or Walking on new trails

It’s wonderful discovering beautiful new trails I’m not already familiar with, makes for more invigorating runs.


Being less scheduled and less routine these past few weeks has actually felt like we have been given more time.  I’m not sure what of these I’ll maintain as we settle into our new home,  but one thing’s for certain, I definitely want to continue creating a life I don’t need to escape from. <3

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